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Aquatic Center

Everyone should know how to swim and here at Cedarville Country Day Camp, we have the program and the pool for everyone regardless of their ability. Our camp program features at least two swimming sessions each day! There is instructional swim each morning and in the afternoon there is recreational swim where campers can swim, race, or even play pool basketball and other games. Our Aquatics Staff are all certified by the American Red Cross in first aid, CPR, and lifeguarding. Under the watchful eye of our experienced Aquatics Supervisor, our lifeguards work well in keeping campers safe as well as teaching them to swim. There are three pools each suited to the various abilities of our campers. The Fishbowl is our smaller pool for the youngest beginner campers with a depth of one and a half feet through two and a half feet deep. The Lagoon is large enough to accommodate our advanced beginner swimmers and has a depth of three feet through five feet deep. The largest, and most popular pool by far, is Atlantis. This pool is 25 meters long and has a depth ranging from three feet to nine and a half feet deep. At a quarter of a million gallons of water, this pool is home to the intermediate and advanced swimmers. Many special events are held in this pool and campers of all abilities take part in the appropriate areas under our watchful supervision.